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Bev's mood: Human - The Human League

By Beverly Grafton

"I'm only human...born to make mistakes..." No truer words were ever spoken, let alone sung, that described my Thursday. It wasn't that there was anything entirely tragic to speak of but rather, it was the culmination of a little matter here and another there with that day being topped off by something so common as the cab having to jam break in response to a reckless driver. Not something we pay incessant attention to but still enough to make you wonder.

Oddly enough, I was trying to think of a song that encompassed the emotions of the day and suddenly, this song comes on the radio during my cab ride home from grocery shopping and I make sure to save it in my playlist on YouTube, so I could write this post after getting home.

Yet, due to basic human needs, the whole intention of posting this song was lost in the crossfire between hunger and fatigue. So, imagine the guilt I experienced today, when I realized that I hadn't posted Thursday's video.

And that's why this song is so apt.

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies, eh?


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