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Bev's Mood: Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler

By Beverly Grafton


Welcome to my new video playlist! I realized that doing a weekly themed playlist was just not resonating with me as I didn't always feel the song I was presenting that day. To some, that might not be an issue but as a creative, feeling is everything. I felt I was doing an injustice to my readers and the music by not writing what I felt. So here is a brand new format, a daily mood, Mondays to Fridays, where I actually write about a song I can actually relate to.

The whole day has been dreary, damp and limp all over. I've been dealing with allergic conjuctivitis over the weekend so I can't wear my lenses. I'm ok to wear my glasses except that I just did a nose threadlift last Friday so my glasses just won't sit right. Not only that, my nose is still a little bruised and swollen. To top that off, there's just zero inspiration to get my blood flowing on a day like this because I'm a child of the sun, which is a double whammy since it's a Monday. Ugh...

Times like these, I wish I had my hero (my hubby). But since he and I are global distancing, what's my next best move?

Well, nothing like putting on Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero to get all cheesy and prance around in my imaginary movie montage until things get done! Hah!

Yup, I do the exact same choreo that's in the video above and I don't care who watches and judges because it's Monday and I'm shamelessly in need of motivation. So, if coffee doesn't seem to work for you anymore and you're miserable on a Monday, try doing what I do. You might just surprise yourself.


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