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Bev's Mood: A Little Respect - Erasure

By Beverly Grafton

So continuing on from yesterday's video and topic, your girl Bevie here, must recommend at the top of the list in relationship hacks, this little thing called RESPECT. Aretha belted about it, Alicia smoothed it into our souls and Erasure got us dancing it into the very fibre of our beings through every Mambo Jumbo Wednesday at Zouk back in the days of Jiak Kim Street.

Just a quick dive into the lyrics of A Little Respect and you'll find what should be the most basic tenet in relationships yet is found less and less in modern love.

It talks of a lover searching for way to be more attractive to their lover yet it feels like nothing seems to be preventing the impending despair of a broken heart. They're given no reason to the madness of them being the only one working so hard to keep their love going and in the chorus, they're driven to begging for nothing more than a little respect.

I could honestly wax lyrical about the rest of the song but I'll let you enjoy the video instead and leave the love nagging for possibly another blog solely dedicated to these subjects.


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