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20 Interesting Brisbane Foodie Facts

Sean Rafferty (Galway, Ireland b. 1979), Market Place (detail) 2017, giclee prints on paper on cardboard, timber and acrylic. Photo: Carl Warner, courtesy the artist.
Photo courtesy of Museum of Brisbane

Food is on everyone's mind.

Especially these past few months with the disruptions to food supply, the F&B industry and dining out caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Museum of Brisbane's latest online exhibition, "A Taste of Brisbane", explores the flavoursome side of the city's character through historical facts, contemporary artwork and personal stories.

Check out its 20 interesting Brisbane Foodie Facts here.

Museum of Brisbane is the City of Brisbane's official museum and is located in Brisbane City Hall. It brings Brisbane city’s vibrant art, culture and history to life through its exhibitions, workshops, tours, talks, special events and children’s activities.


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