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Singapore National Day: Song for Singapore, Corrinne May

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Comments for listeners from Beverly Grafton:

"I still remember the first time my brother, Brandon, introduced me to award winning singer/songwriter Corrinne May's music. I recall how enthralled he was with her first album and that made me want to see what the fuss was all about. It turned out to be a refreshing treat for me and such a pivotal moment in my young adult life because I saw the level of talent Singapore was beginning to generate and it gave me more hope for my own career. Touted in many circles as Singapore's Sarah Maclachlan, Corrinne May's "Song for Singapore" is truly a treat to my ears. I'm not exactly a huge fan of folk artistes but once in a while, a gem comes along like Jewel and in this case, Corrinne May.

With a voice that doesn't irritate (it soothes, in fact), listening to this on repeat just doesn't get old. I may at times even forget that it's an NDP theme song simply because it's so catchy! For all the times I've replayed it, I still can't remember all the lyrics but the melody is practically seared onto my brain. Don't get me started on the bridge into the quiet chorus and out into a huge finish with some gorgeous string lines near the end. Oh, what a feast for my ears!"

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