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Nigeria: the waste management business

Waste can be classified into the medical, household, industrial waste, etc. They have different disposal and recycling mechanisms.

In Nigeria, waste is disposed of via different means, and waste management companies manage waste collection whether it is medical, industrial, or household wastes but there is still room for improvement as waste management organizations are currently struggling to meet with demands of the populace as wastes are being generated at a magnanimous rate.

The government on Nigeria at all levels whether state, local, or federal has to devise policies to regulate the waste disposal mechanisms around cities to prevent an outbreak of disease. Though, the level of waste around is a result of improper information about waste management.

Thorough sensitization ought to be carried out at different cities informing them of the adverse implication to the health of the populace of not disposing of wastes properly.

Waste management organizations in Nigeria are operated by private organizations and government-owned entities and are regulated by the government which is in play to manage the process of waste pick up from households and organizations for recycling.

Some individuals in Nigeria are in the habit of disposing household wastes into drainage systems especially during the rainy season with the claim that rainfall would flush it forgetting that such wastes would be obstacles hindering the free flow of drainage channels thereby causing flooding in the community.

Throwing waste anywhere is not a sign of prestige rather it is demeaning to the environment.

A clean environment is next to sustainable living.


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