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Nigeria: the skilled sector of the economy.

The skilled labor amounts to a large population of the workforce of Nigeria. The skilled labor of Nigeria covers work areas like carpentry, electricians, metal fabrication, scaffolding, tailoring, mechanics, vulcanizing personnel, etc.

The skilled labor is usually regulated by associations set within each skill set by Nigerians to regulate the activities of the artisans.

Usually, customers of such skilled laborers complain of the operators not been fair in their dealings as they usually come up with unnecessary excuses even after receiving full payments for their services.

Though, some organizations have set up to manage the skilled labor for customers with a promise of prompt delivery of service to customers.

In Nigeria, skilled laborers are usually trained in the form of apprenticeship under their patrons for an agreed time to instill discipline and knowledge of the trade among apprentices.

Though, some apprentices in Nigeria don’t have the patience to learn a trade completely for the agreed time as they feel they have learned enough of the trade so they go secure side gigs to compensate for their incomplete knowledge and so they come out as quacks in the trade causing unnecessary division in the trade with lower prices for a work paid for by a client.

The skilled sector of the economy of Nigeria has shown to welcome graduates of the institution of higher learning into the skilled populace and so such individuals are trying to transform the norms of the sector with their level of education to better serve customers with great service and prompt delivery.

The government of Nigeria is trying to promote the skilled sector by encouraging young people to undergo learning at technical colleges in order to increase the population of skilled workers but young people seem to be more interested in the unspoken prestige that comes with studying at universities and polytechnics which may be due to peer pressure from friends and family expectations.

Nigerian government should look more into regulating the activities of skilled laborers to better produce a vibrant skilled economy.


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