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Nigeria: Technology in Farming business

Farming is a great resource for providing food on the table for the everyday people inclusive of farmers. With the right soil, water, manure, weather, patience, a farmer gets to smile for the yield of his produce at the end of the harvest season in Nigeria.

Technology has made it possible for farmers to provide food for the populace at a shorter term of the harvest because of the use of mechanisms like crop rotation and even the spray of pesticides with the use of Agricultural drones making the process easy and faster to distribute pesticides on farmlands thereby reducing the overhead cost of operating a farm for farmers.

Farming is Nigeria has advanced more than the archaic method of farming all thanks to technology. There is now a rise in the number of tech-enabled farming organizations managing the process of securing farming opportunities for investors with interest in Agriculture for exchange in funds for their investments with a promise of returns on investment and insurance in the case of losses.

Nigeria has seasons for Agricultural produce to be cultivated with the right farming conditions in place. Though, technology has made it possible for farm crops to be cultivated all year round with the required mechanisms taken into consideration. Though, there is still a gap to be filled for effective storage of crops after harvest by farmers.

There are different organizations that provide cushion materials for agricultural purposes in Nigeria such as Agricultural extension boards, Agricultural cooperatives, Bank of Agriculture to solve the problem of the inadequate food supply in Nigeria. Though, the government of Nigeria has in place policies to promote more farming opportunities for Nigerians.

Even as technology is advancing, human effort can’t be overruled in the effective delivery of farm produce in the sphere of Agriculture for food consumption in Nigeria and the government needs to continue its campaign for better agricultural processes to enable the seamless delivery of farm produce to consumers.


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