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Nigeria: Talent is the new fuel

Nigeria has a population of over 140million people with different tribes and cultures and ethnicity to show its diversity.

As it is commonly said, 'Talent is never enough' but in Nigeria’s case, it can be said that talent is surplus looking for where to explore its fine tentacles as she has a growing youth population hungry for exploits as yearly, graduates are churned out of tertiary institutions of learning into the labor market.

As technology keeps unraveling its many benefits to the global economy, Nigerians are moving with the pace by acquiring the required skills virtually beyond the four walls of the institution of learning to meet up with the demands of technology and competing adequately with the peers in other parts of the globe.

Oil which used to be the largest export of the Nigerian state seems to be lagging behind as there has been a shift from the oil economy to the information age as different technologies are been birthed around the globe such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, virtual reality to solve the pressing needs in industries globally.

With the state of affairs caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, some Nigerian youths have incorporated their talents in working remotely from home for foreign organizations with their talents as the growing rate of remote work is been adapted by global businesses and local companies are following the remote work trend to reduce operational costs.

Nigerian youths need more inclusion in the development of their talents through collaboration with companies and governments to better prepare them for the challenges that technology has to pose the Nigerian populace.

Though Nigerian talents are been exported to other countries' economies for development, her country still needs to give attention to its local talent to avoid brain drain.


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