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Nigeria: Survival of business since her Independence

Nigeria gained her independence since October 1st, 1960 and several individuals are of the opinion that Nigeria was formed as a business entity with a foreign organization as the patron of the transaction.

Several governments have come and gone since the Inception of Nigeria as a state. Military dictatorship and democratic system of governance have shown that evolution is the order of the day in the everyday governance of the Nigerian state.

Business survival in the terrain of the Nigerian system seems like a far-reaching dream as the unstable nature of our economy has either made businesses wealthier or closed shop.

Governance has a great impact on the way businesses are run in Nigeria. There is some form of recycling in the administration of Nigerian government as leaders are in the habit of remodeling their status in the political class so policies to make the business economy better are quite unstable because of the pseudo nature of governance in the Nigerian state thereby making business continuity just a dream.

Though, Nigeria since independence has witnessed a few business giants transition from just an idea to great magnates in few years of rugged implementation.

We wait to see truly born Nigerian businesses by Nigerians transition from the first generation of founders to the fourth generation and even more generations after.

Some groups feel Nigeria wasn’t ready for independence as when she became independent of her slave masters.

A group of businesses is on the rise displaying a theme of hope that independence is worth the fight for the emancipation of the everyday person in Nigeria.


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