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Nigeria: Security and talent in the technology space.

Nigeria is a land with great potential evolving since technology began transforming the way people live and conduct businesses since this internet age.

She has witnessed new career paths like product management, cyber-security, product analysis, search engine optimization, database management, computer programming, product design, digital marketing, copy-writing among other technology paths Nigerian youngsters have chosen to explore.

The average older generation in Nigeria doesn’t seem to understand those career paths as they have paved the way for a new work lifestyle as such career paths can be done working remotely from any part of the world.

Some of her security agencies are still confused as to the potential technology has made it possible for the average Nigerian youth working legitimately for organizations globally without going to work daily like the traditional office worker.

So such security professionals often confuse such technology talents for cybercriminals in Nigeria claiming such talents are ‘’Yahoo boys’’.

The government needs to work on the reorientation of her security personnel on the schemes of cybercriminals to sieve them out of technology talents in Nigeria as technology has been of great impact in bringing enough foreign investors in technological businesses thereby transforming the Nigerian economy for a better outlook to the world.

Technology has been of great benefit to Nigeria and so, not all technology talents here are criminally minded even though, there are a few bad eggs in the system. There is still a benefit of the doubt that not everyone is a criminal in the technology space.


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