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Nigeria: Safety in the business environment.

Doing business in Nigeria is somewhat an enjoyable experience as you would get a first-hand feel of uncertainties and confusion to weather the challenges of conducting business.

Safety is a concern for lives and properties while doing business in Nigeria. Though, there is some sort of insurance measures to manage the losses that could result from business activities.

The economic and political terrain in Nigeria in recent times have witnessed a clamor from youths for better governance and great safety precautions for her citizens within the confines of the country.

The uprising exuded some form of fear in citizens as the government tried to manage the process of citizenry’s uproar for a better system and some lives and properties were lost in the said process.

The government in Nigeria needs to work harder on salvaging the situation of un-restful youths by engaging them in meaningful activities that could transform the society for the better, provide an enabling environment that inspires growth, and make room for continuity in favorable policies that allows for the stability of the economy.

Should the average Nigerian youth still be hopeful for a better future or escape into the welcoming hands of her foreign counter-part?

Nigeria is filled with many untapped youth talents waiting to be refined.


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