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Nigeria: Online study business

In Nigeria, education is mostly done with the means of attending a physical class in a school setting with the help of a teacher managing the learning expected of students in an orderly manner.

The educational system is broken down into 6,6,4 cadre into primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions to impact people in their core subjects administered by an educational body in the government of Nigeria to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Online education is a means of educating people through online means such as web platforms like

Zoom, etc to make learning easily accessible for people.

Nigeria seems to be adopting an online education system of learning especially in private educational institutions after the challenge the Corona-virus pandemic has posed on educating people. Online education used to be looked at as a thing of a joke by some caliber of people as it isn’t a cultural way of getting educated among people.

Though some government institutions in Nigeria have the open learning capability and it is yet to have the right infrastructure to manage the process of impacting learning among young people properly.

The government agency in the affairs of managing standards at the tertiary level of education in Nigeria is yet to come to terms with imbibing the culture of online education for students at their institutions of learning.

Some groups of people believe that online education makes learning an awkward and lazy process than the traditional in-class style of education. While others think that the high cost of internet subscriptions and irregular electricity in the nation makes online education a far-reaching desire.

Technology has made life easy for people across the globe and Nigeria shouldn’t be lagging in adopting such facilities in making learning a memorable experience among its learners as Nigeria is already embracing technology in payments processing, banking, and healthcare.


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