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Nigeria: Food business and the economy.

The food sector in Nigeria can be expressly said to be classified into processed and natural food as technology has disrupted the sector even as food security problems in Nigeria seem to have evolved despite the input by government, foreign multinationals, and small-scale farmers.

Some people share in the school of thought that climate change is altering the growth rate of our crops and animals making food sustainability a thing of mere hope in Nigeria.

The recent closure of the borders by the Nigerian government to combat the ravishing and deadly Corona-virus disease has affected the inflow of food items from neighboring and foreign countries as the importation of food items to make up for the shortfall of the food supply by local farmers and companies to meet the ever-growing population of Nigeria.

Prices of food items have skyrocketed for some time now and the buying power of some Nigerians has dwindled because of the unavailability of regular paying jobs.

Food security seems to be a gray area of the Nigerian economy that needs to be tackled effectively in a timely manner to avoid the country from facing a somewhat famine in the land.

The Nigerian government is making efforts to ensure the food supply is stable in the land but it needs sustainability by approving enabling policies that can save the everyday Nigerian person from hunger as a hungry man produces no other thing that strife, hate, and crime.

Food is fuel to the body which harbors the mind to produce great things.


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