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Nigeria: Education; a force of transformation

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Covid19 pandemic has hit severely the education sector in Nigeria thereby disrupting the sector making room for innovation for forward-thinking individuals and institutions.

Education at all levels from primary to tertiary cadre has witnessed an alteration in the last few months of the year 2020 and so some young ones are either out of school or delayed from moving to the next level in their studies.

There has been a rise in the adoption of online learning means among some educational institutions to allow for continuity of studies of her students despite the closure of schools around the country as a result of Corona-virus.

It can’t be disputed that education is the source of transforming society despite current challenges faced by the educational institutions in Nigeria.

Online education which seemed strange before now is the order of the day in society despite the strain it pulls on her users such as the high cost of internet subscription and access to mobile devices and computers for learning.

Education for a great future for the Nigerian state is no more farfetched as organizations are already innovating on better ways to provide quality education for its people.


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