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New York: Did you know that Central Park is bigger than Vatican City?

Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world and certainly the green heart of the Big Apple. It is the oldest and the fifth-largest park in NYC.

But did you know that it is 2.5 miles (4 km) long and a half mile (0.8 km) wide? How about the fact that it is covering an area of 843 acres (3.41 square km)?

Courtesy of Central Park

The park is situated between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan. It extends between 59th and 110th Streets and between 5th and 8th Avenues. This is enormous!!!It is actually bigger than Vatican City!!!

The Central Park opened in 1876 and it is the most visited park in the City with more than 40 million visitors every year.

Courtesy of Central Park

It contains, among others, The Central Park Zoo, a castle, a big lake, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an ice-skating, children's playgrounds, bridges, several fountains and monuments etc. There are so much to see and do that is impossible to see the entire park in one day. If you just visit the highlights and the zoo then your trip will last 8-10 hours.

Courtesy of Central Park

Check this video out and plan your visit. You won't regret it.

Courtesy of NYC

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