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New York City: NYC restaurants can officially add a 10% COVID-19 fee to your bill

New York City's Council and Mayor De Blasio have approved a bill called the "COVID-19 Recovery Charge", that has officially gone into effect as of this weekend (October 17-18, 2020), which allows the restaurants to add surcharges of up to 10% on dinners' bills

Courtesy of New York Post

This fee aims to help restaurants to stay afloat and it will last for 90 days after full indoor dining is again allowed. It is also a voluntary fee but restaurants that choose to implement it will have to make it explicitly clear before a customer places an order, by letting customers know of the charge and the reason on the bottom of each menu page. Additionally they must inform the customer that the surcharge is not a gratuity.

The measure doesn't apply to large chains with more than 15 locations or take-out orders.

Courtesy of NYC&Co

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