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Human Stories Australia : Victor Smith, Melbourne

Victor Smith was born in Edinburgh Scotland. He migrated to Melbourne, Australia when he was 8. His parents thought it would be better opportunities for him and his little sister. Victor faced a few challenges in the early days. He had a strong Scottish accent and kids found it hard to understand him. He had a soccer ball with him everywhere he went, it was not that popular a sport back then.

Victor is a fun and interesting person with lots of energy. Much of his career related to entertainment but he did not start out that way. He started his first business at 19 because he did not want to work in a factory all his life. He set up a garden business, and quickly learnt that he was a lot better at getting the work than doing the work. It was a light bulb moment Victor recalled. He focused on the sales and totally loved it and the business grew quickly. He worked on his closing ratio on quotes and focused on growth. The business is ran for 17 years and they were good times.

This is Victor’s story as shared with Affluent Society:

My parents were always throwing parties when I was growing up and some of them were massive in the backyard. My dad and uncle would be on the banjo and guitar and they were all-nighters. I probably caught the hosting bug from them. I opened my first nightclub at 29 with a few mates. It was a fast-learning curve, I totally loved it and was hooked big time. Other venues followed including White Charlie on the famous Chapel Street.

My business partner and I worked awfully hard and met a few of the celebrities at a launch night and over events and it grew from there and became a hot spot for celebrities. We knew how to look after them and party alongside them and the patrons loved it because they never knew who they would see when they would come in. It created a buzz. I just loved throwing parties and looking after people, it really is the best job in the world.

I am most excited about the next project in Ringwood. I always wanted to do something on this site for over 20 years. So, when my long-term business partner wanted to redevelop his family site, I jumped at the chance to get involved. The market has changed a lot in the last few years and staying home is the new going out. We must create a totally different offering. We have 4 food and beverage business under one roof where there is something for everyone. It is a multi-level entertainment complex in Ringwood and will be a game changer which consist of a restaurant - The Bungalow, outdoor beer garden, nightclub, and late-night hot dog counter! 2020 has been a tough year, we hope to create an escapism to help the people. I always appreciate my customers and friends. People will be coming to us for a good time and all we must do is help them.

My sincere advice to readers out there - “People of all ages, chase your dreams and never settle! Life is short, follow your passion always, you are the rock star of your life!”

About Human Stories:

All of us have a story to share. I've been exchanging stories with fellow readers and followers of Affluent Society in Australia. Some are joyful. Some are teary. Some provide perspectives. Several are downright heartbreaking. Others are simply inspiring. Here is mine from Melbourne. The Human Stories Series is a cumulation of stories shared with Affluent Society by

its readers and followers from around the world.


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