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Human Stories Australia : Megan Jerrard, Tasmania

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Megan Claire Jerrard is an Australian travel writer, blogger, digital content creator and digital marketing specialist from Tasmania who has been traveling since 2007. In addition to her own website, she leads Solo Female Travelers, an online community of 72,000 women who love to travel solo and Online Group Success, a digital marketing agency helping entrepreneurs harvest the power of online communities. Having visited more than 100 countries across all seven

continents, Megan has accumulated a wealth of first hand knowledge about what the world has to offer. There is nothing she is afraid to try and she encourages others to get out and travel the world.

This is Megan's story as shared with Affluent Society:

A divided world

I am most concerned by the high level of division throughout the world and the move towards the political extreme, where humanity views those with opposing views as the enemy instead of other human beings. These past few years we've seen an upsurge in animosity and pure hatred towards those of other faiths, races, sexuality, and beliefs, and this behavior is destroying the world. But where has our pride in multiculturalism gone? Where has our tolerance gone? Where has our ability to respectfully discuss opposing viewpoints? To hold our head high with dignity in the way we treat other fellow human beings?

Put aside differences

My hope for the future is that we as a global community are able to put our differences aside and join together to stamp out exclusion, neglect, abuse and stigmatization, as these are often the root cause of conflict. I hope that those with a voice within society will stop promoting a ‘them-and-us’ style thinking which only spreads further hate. I hope to live in a world where wealth is shared out fairly to eliminate poverty and where we can build an integrated movement for peace, promoting nonviolent alternatives and successes.

Therefore I urge fellow readers to actively go out of your way to form friendships with those who have opposing views to you - with those who have different life experiences, different backgrounds, and different beliefs. Only when we understand each other, respect each other, and see each other as fellow human beings, do we have any hope at any type of peace.

About Human Stories:

All of us have a story to share. I've been exchanging stories with fellow readers and followers of Affluent Society in Australia. Some are joyful. Some are teary. Some provide perspectives. Several are downright heartbreaking. Others are simply inspiring. Here is mine from Melbourne. The Human Stories Series is a cumulation of stories shared with Affluent Society by

its readers and followers from around the world.


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