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Nigeria: Human Resource in Business

Starting a business is a daunting experience if one isn't a self-starter in Nigeria as there are rigorous processes you would have to go through to kickstart a venture.

One of the major concerns for the average business person is securing the right personnel to grow a business as there are a lot of fears to bear in mind like - is he/she a great communicator, would he/she be able to work with minimal supervision, is he/she a team player, is he/she sane and not a con artist, would he/she able to deliver promptly in my absence are some questions topmost at the bottom of the minds of the average business owner in Nigeria.

To solve the uncertainty of human resources in Nigerian businesses, some owners usually only accept people to work for them based on recommendations known as ''who know man'' policy without considering the skill set, outlook to life, and temperament of the individual believing the person could be trained to deliver promptly in the business.

Some allow their family to dictate how the human resource of their business is treated because the business is solely run by the family members thereby making it difficult for the business to evolve beyond the founding families which maybe because of the fear of losing control of the business.

Many Nigerian businesses don't seem to transition well beyond the first founders of the business. Would we say such businesses don't have in place the right structures or they lack the right succession plan to transition from one generation to another?


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