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Fear - surviving Covid-19 in Nigeria for businesses

Covid-19 pandemic has instilled fear in the everyday person in Nigeria regardless of the social or political class and so, the operational norms for businesses have been disrupted.

Handshakes and hugs are no more tolerated at meetings as people now use their elbows as greeting points with customers, colleagues, and bosses. The new order of the day which is the use of face shield and nose mask and maintaining social distance among workers has brought about distrust in workers as the virus isn't visible to the eye.

The recommendation of working remotely comes with its own challenges as Nigerian businesses are trying to adapt to the new normal in order to meet up with customers' demand even though operational costs have reduced among other risk factors such as high internet costs, stable electricity, adequate delivery time, and proper management system in place to monitor and perform tasks effectively.

The pandemic has made businesses look inward to embrace their current status and remodel how to scale their ventures better.

Working remotely doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon as it has opened Nigerian businesses to possibilities that were never imagined as the economy is gradually reopening for activities.


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