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Costa Rica Weekly: IV Festival of La Danta 8th - 12th of September

Picture by IV Festival of Danta Costa Rica 2020: VIRTUAL

The communities and the organizing committee of the Tenorio Miravalles Biological Corridors (CBTM) cordially invite you to the IV Festival of the Danta Costa Rica 2020.This year due to COVID-19, the festival will take place virtually. Talks, tours, a concert and much more will be held virtually. 😃🌳🌱🙌 📍VIRTUAL From: Bijagua de Upala - Río Naranjo de Bagaces

Itinerary of activities

DAY 1: Tuesday 8 September, 2020: 4th Festival De La DANTA Costa Rica 2020 - Virtual

Opening of the Danta Festival 2020 > In charge of the transmission: Alejandro Madrigal 4:00 pm Opening of the festival - Inauguration of the event. 4:30 pm Talk 1: Talk of the Tenorio Miravalles Biological Corridor and its importance for the conservation of the tapir. 5:00 pm Talk 2: General biology of Dantas, importance of the BC(Biological corridor) for their protection. 5:30 Talk 3: Cultural importance of the tapir, videos.

DAY 2: Wednesday 09 September: 4th Festival De La DANTA Costa Rica 2020 - Virtual Children's day and tapirs! > Transmission manager: German Aguilar From 2:00 to 4:00 pm. • Workshops for children on the Danta theme. • Painting competition. • Artistic interpretation for children. • Virtual tour: Sanctuary of the Tapir.

DAY 3: Thursday September 10: 4th Festival De La DANTA Costa Rica 2020 - Virtual

> Transmission manager

4:10pm: Talk 1: Tourism and its relationship with the tapir.

4:40 pm Talk 2: Ways friendly with tapirs.

5:10pm Interaction tapir with farmers.

5:40pm Prerecorded material with farmers about experiences.

5:50pm Final Conversation.

DAY 4: Friday September 11: 4th Festival De La DANTA Costa Rica 2020 - Virtual Tapir handling success stories > Transmission manager: Esteban Brenes National and international projects 4 to 6 pm • ASANA-NAI. • The case in the La Amistad Caribe Conservation Area. • The Alliance for the Conservation of the Central American Tapir

DAY 5: Saturday September 12 4th Festival De La DANTA Costa Rica 2020 - Virtual > Transmission manager: Esteban Segura From 4:00 to 6:00 PM. • Virtual tour of the tapir to the Tapir Valley Nature Reserve. • Virtual concert dedicated to tapirs. • Closing of the event.

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