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Bev's Mood: A Woman's Worth - Alicia Keys

By Beverly Grafton

Surviving this pandemic is hard enough without having to worry about the strength of your relationships. For those lucky enough to have your partners by your side throughout the entire thing from the start, go to your partner and remind each other just how lucky you both are. For the rest of us forced to survive this pandemic on our own apart from our partners because of global distancing (like social distancing but much, much further), treating your partner right is tougher than you can imagine.

Think about it. For those of you who strongly believe you can treat your partners right when you're apart because you're an ace at it when you're together, I speak from experience that you have no idea what you're in for. Global distancing during this pandemic for extended periods of time is like being sentenced to prison indefinitely without visitation rights. It's practically inhumane yet many of us have to live in these conditions. Some are even expected to blossom. Well, tough.

"Out of sight, out of mind" was something Mum used to throw in my face all the time. I hope you're happy Mum, cuz karma has called to collect on the debt I created with you. But I digress. Many find it hard to stay in contact with their S.O. because of things like bad WiFi/data signals, time zone difference, work schedules...etc... And when they do, the torture of what to say will plague the many. For the few, it's the torture of how to say what they want to say so they don't alienate the other is what causes them anxiety.

Then you have those who have been alone for so long, they forget that they need to consider the other's feelings, REGARDLESS of the distance between them. Didn't think about that one, did ya?

Bottom line is this, the chorus to A Woman's Worth should be treated as the definitive set of golden rules between partners, whether straight, gay, lesbian and all others. It all boils down to basic general respect.

I'll be back tomorrow with another song that I consider a life hack in love.

Celebrate your worth people!


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