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“As a businessperson I want the world to share the prosperity together “ Jack Ma Founder Alibaba

An affluent society is a generous society, one that supports even its most vulnerable members to thrive. During the Covid19 global pandemic, acts of kindness and generosity continue to be lifesaving for many, and allow countless more to participate more fully in their economies.

It is within this context that we welcome you to the "Giving" topic. It is designed to inspire new and increased philanthropy and volunteering .

At Affluent Society we know that it is important to our members that they choose causes that align with their personal and professional values. This "Giving" topic brings together fresh and innovative resources in giving, including evidence-based decision-making tools, to support you to curate your giving portfolio and to bring confidence that your time and money are being well spent.  

The "Giving" topic will also spotlight excellence in giving, showcasing stories from Affluent Society members and beyond.  Please email if you would like to nominate someone in your network or be featured yourself on this topic.


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