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5 Surprising Benefits of Donating Your Time, Talents and Treasure

1. It can make you happier

Harvard Business School Research found that giving money to someone made participants happier than spending it on themselves. Other studies found that giving to others releases endorphins and oxytocin in the brain producing the “helper’s high”. Giving builds gratitude and being grateful makes you, and others more positive and connected.

2. It can make you healthier

US studies have found that supporting others reduces stress and improves health outcomes in those who give. Giving may increase health and longevity because it reduces the stress that is associated with many health problems. Improving the global community makes a safer, healthier and more peaceful world for us all.

3. It can further grow your personal and professional brand

Good corporate citizenship connects you with like-minded people. When your business focuses on purpose alongside profit, your customer loyalty can grow.

4. It can minimise your taxable income

In most countries you can get a tax deduction. Speak to your tax accountant or financial advisor.

5. It promotes more giving

Modelling generous giving and demonstrating its benefits has a multiplier effect within your personal and professional networks. One generous person can influence dozens and even hundreds of people, including people they have never met.

Want to find out more?

Professor Michael Norton, Harvard Business School

TEDX Talk - How to buy happiness


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