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Teacher's Day Special: Teacher I Need You - Elton John

By Beverly Grafton

Elton John's Teacher I Need You is a stark contrast from yesterday's song, Don't Stand So Close To Me. While "Don't Stand" was about a schoolgirl's lascivious crush on her teachers who returned her Lolita advances with disastrous consequences for both, Teacher I Need You speaks of a schoolboy's seemingly more innocent crush on his teacher where she is his inspiration to graduate. However, as you proceed further into the song, you will find the boy seeks to address his feelings by giving her a bare-it-all letter and by the time you reach the end of the song, you'll notice that intensity of the boy's feelings are no different than those of the girl in the hit song from the Police. Yet, Teacher I Need You seeks to portray the innocence of a crush, rather than the worst case scenario in the controversial Don't Stand So Close To me.

With that in mind, who were your school time crushes and did any of you ever try to pursue them?


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