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Teacher's Day Special: Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police

By Beverly Grafton

For a song that addresses and exposes highly controversial and consequentially horrific things between student and teacher, Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police still managed to become their third No. 1 hit single in the UK. You never would've been able to guess the severity of the message in the song though, for the melody and overall feel disguises it like a nice woolly blanket covered over one's eyes.

Upon examining the lyrics though, you will find that it speaks of the inappropriate emotions between student and teacher, mixed in with guilt and shame only to result in a disastrous confrontation with horrifying results. I hope with all my heart that none of this causes painful memories to anyone of you, my dear readers.

Today though, I strongly refrain from the provocative and merely ask for the stories of the crushes you may have once experienced for any teacher in your day. Like my post and comment with your stories!


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