Sydney: Snorkelling and Diving in Sydney

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A snorkelling adventure is a wonderful way to experience Sydney’s natural underwater beauty, from seahorses in Sydney Harbour to kelp forests and rocky reefs teeming with marine life in the bays and coves along the spectacular Sydney coastline.

Where are the good snorkelling spots?

At Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, you can find blue groper, cuttlefish, wobbegong sharks and sea dragons which are a few of the numerous species in the sanctuary. Chowder Bay and Balmoral Beach near Mosman are also good snorkelling spots. The sheltered waters of Clovelly Bay at Clovelly Beach are great for beginner snorkellers. Bare Island just north of Kurnell, is a popular spot with divers, offering excellent visibility and an abundance of marine life including red Indian fish, gurnards, colourful corals and sponges. The nearby sheltered bays of Congwong and Little Bay are great spots for snorkelling.

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