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Sonu Sood : India's real-life superhero.

What everyone knows is that Sonu Sood is an actor & producer in the Indian Film Industry. He is best known for his negative roles in the film fraternity. But what many don't know about is his unconditional humanitarian works towards the ordinary citizens of India. He has evolved as a totally opposite person of what he portrays himself in films.

A villain in real life, but a superhero in real.

The entire world is fighting with the deadly coronavirus & India is undoubtedly one of the most affected country. But even during this critical time of nationwide lockdown, this man helped thousands of migrant Indian workers to reach their home safely by arranging them buses, special trains & chartered flights. Sonu, along with his friend Neeti Goel started the "Ghar Bhejo" campaign to help migrant workers reach back their home safely. The team has sent more than 18,000 migrants back to their homes. And from that time onwards, his humanitarian works have not taken a stop.

~ On 29th May, 2020 Sonu had arranged a chartered flight to bring back 150 stranded women labourers back home from an Ernakulam, Kerala based factory, to their home state, Odisha.

~ On June, 2020 he had arranged a chartered flight to bring over 1,500 Indian students back home who were stranded in Kyrgyzstan.

~ On 5th August 2020, he helped over 101 medical students by bringing them back home safely who were stranded in Moscow during the lockdown.

Not every day we get to see a celebrity showing such great work of kindness and generosity to all the people of the nation. And because of his this act of humanity, he has earned the love & respect of the entire country. He has been named as the real hero of the nation & his love towards the people of his country has won millions of hearts all over the globe.

He has set an example of inspiration for the entire world. So let's take out some time & salute the man who has become India's real life superhero.

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