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Sauteed Hand Stripping Crispy Shrimp with Tea Buds

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!   Material 【1】     500 grams of big river shrimp, 【2】     1 egg (only use egg white),   Seasoning: 【1】     10 grams of Shaoxing wine, 【2】     15 grams of starch, 【3】     50 grams of refined salt, 【4】     1 gram of sugar, 【5】     0.5 grams of edible baking soda, 【6】     peanut oil. 【7】     1 piece of reed leaves. 【8】     5 grams of tea buds   Methods: 【1】     Rinse the big river prawns with clean water, add refined salt and edible baking soda, and rinse until the finished prawns are shiny, then rinse with water to remove the salt and baking soda flavors, drain the water, add refined salt, sugar, egg white, The starch is sized for use. 【2】     Put the pot on medium heat, scoop in the peanut oil and cook until 5 is ripe, put in the prawns, cut the prawns with a spoon until they are mature, pour into a colander, drain the oil, and serve.   Features: shrimps are crystal clear, crispy and smooth, and taste very delicious   The above food formula, especially the seasoning formula, is for your reference only. I suggest you make adjustments to different degrees according to the actual situation of different raw materials in your country. Because the above recipe is only my recipe and making method in Hong Kong.   The above recipe is to make up for the needs of previous netizens.    


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