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Roasted Crispy Chicken Pickled with Fermented Red Bean Curd

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!


【1】 1 chicken (about 1000 gram / 1500 gram )


【1】 Shaoxing wine 1 tbsp

【2】 1 tbsp minced garlic

【3】 1 tablespoon chopped dried shallots

【4】 1/2 tbsp ginger

【5】 1/2 piece of southern milk

【6】 1/2 teaspoon five-spice powder

【7】 1 teaspoon sugar

【8】 1 star anise

【9】 2 tablespoons of white rice vinegar

【10】 1 tablespoon of maltose


【1】 Mix all the marinades well and set aside.

【2】 Dry the inside and outside of the chicken, coat the inside and outside with the marinade, and marinate overnight.

【3】 Press the "superheated steam" mode to preheat at 180°C.

【4】 Prepare the topping material, mix the white rice vinegar and maltose well, set it on hot water until it melts.

【5】 Wipe off the marinade from the chicken, spread butter paper/tin foil on the baking tray, put the chicken on the chicken breast up. The remaining marinade is set aside.

【6】 Press the "Super heated Steam" mode and bake at 180°C for 40 minutes. When bake for 20 minutes, sweep the topping on the chicken skin and press "Start" to continue cooking.

【7】 Take out the chicken and let it cool for 5 minutes before eating. Boil the southern milk marinade to form a southern milk dipping sauce for ordering.

Cooking tips:

Never thought that water vapor could do the baking function. The traditional Southern Milk Roasted Chicken is complicated, and it needs to be boiled in water, air-dried, steamed and then fried. The "super heated steam" cooking function of the Toshiba water wave oven can save all troubles.

The temperature of its "super heated steam" function can be as high as 300℃, which becomes colorless and transparent dry steam, which can easily penetrate food and force out oil; it can reduce the absorption of calories, while retaining the gravy and umami taste, and it can also roast chicken skin To be crispy and delicious. Compared with ordinary ovens, the "super heated steam" function of the water wave oven makes the chicken more delicious and tender. It is by no means ordinary steam, and it does make cooking full of surprises.

The above food formula, especially the seasoning formula, is for your reference only. I suggest you make adjustments to different degrees according to the actual situation of different raw materials in your country. Because the above recipe is only my recipe and making method in Hong Kong.


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