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Roast Goose in “Hong Kong” Style

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!


【1】3000g Goose (growth period 39-42 days); or goose about 4500 grams (long-term 90-100 days) do not choose old geese, old geese, the tenderness of the geese can be judged by touching the throat, soft but tender, hard Then old.

Seasoning (filling recipe)

【1】 White sugar 2500g,

【2】 fine salt 5000g,

【3】 sand ginger powder 450g,

【4】 pepper 300g,

【5】 chicken powder 300g,

【6】 five-spice powder 300g,

【7】 star anise powder 100g,

【8】 dried scallop sauce 150g,

【9】 sesame sauce 150g,

【10】 peanut butter 150g,

【11】 southern milk 80g,

【12】 fermented bean curd 150g,

【13】 250g sesame oil,

【14】 300g minced garlic.

【15】 200g BBQ sauce,

【16】 200g seafood sauce,

【17】 50g fragrant meat sauce,

【18】 150g shallots,

【19】 100g ginger,

Production Method:

【1】 Roast goose filling recipe: 1. Pour all spice ingredients into a large container.

【2】 Stir-fry the minced garlic with oil. You can add minced ginger, shallots, coriander and fragrant together. You can also add some coriander seeds to increase the fragrance.

【3】 After the minced garlic is fried, you can pour it into the ingredients in a large container together with the oil and mix well. If there is no special roast goose sauce, you can also try to add some hoisin sauce, BBQ sauce, fragrant meat sauce, etc. to stir together to make a roast goose filling.

Seasoning ( Crispy skin recipe)

【1】50g of white vinegar.

【2】10g of maltose.

【3】5ml of red vinegar,

【4】5ml of rose wine.


【1】 Slaughter: Use white wax to burn and foam to remove the hair from the goose. The waxing time should be short, and the water can be passed quickly, otherwise the body of the goose will be burned.

【2】 Inflation: Use the air pump of the hose to inflate air from the neck opening of the goose or goose, so that the skin and the meat of the goose are fully separated.

【3】 Opening and cleaning: The best position for opening the belly is 1cm above the asshole of the goose.

【4】 Filling: Use about 80 grams of filling recipe to wipe the goose belly evenly until the ingredients are melted, and rub more on the breast.

【5】 Stitching needle: Use roast goose needle to sew the tail opening.

【6】 Scalding and shaping: Put the geese or goose with stitches into the boiling water for scalding, and the whole body is scalded. The process should not exceed 8 seconds.

【7】 Crispy skin recipe: Put the shaped goose into cold water and let it return to normal temperature to prevent the goose body from overheating and oiling (if the oil is too oily); then the hook is slightly drained and the crispy skin recipe is poured. Spread evenly. The skin water here determines the crispy skin of the goose, so it is also called the crispy skin recipe. If the crispy skin recipe is adjusted well, it will have a hue when it is burned, and the skin will be crispy and tender.

【8】 Air-drying: Hang it in the air vent to air-dry, you can use a horn fan to blow-dry, and the time is about 5 hours. When the weather is humid, you need to dehumidify to dry, and the drying time is about 8 hours.

【9】 Roasting: The carbon furnace is filled with carbon, the charcoal is thoroughly burned, and the goose is put into the furnace for about 40 minutes (time is not absolute) depending on the size of the goose and the temperature. Appropriately extend the firing time in winter (medium-to-large fire 180 to 210 degrees, slow fire 150 degrees, ideal temperature 200 degrees) Gas stove: medium and small fire, the burning process takes about 35-50 minutes. Bring the furnace temperature to 200 degrees before entering the furnace, put the goose in for 15 minutes, open the upper and lower air doors, and cool to 190 degrees for 20-35 minutes. Note: The skin of the goose must be dry before burning; after putting it in the oven, pay attention to the color of the finished product, control the heat, and the heat should be even, and be careful not to burn.

【10】 Take the roasted goose out of the oven, cut into pieces and serve with plum sauce.

The above food formula, especially the seasoning formula, is for your reference only. I suggest you make adjustments to different degrees according to the actual situation of different raw materials in your country. Because the above recipe is only my recipe and making method in Hong Kon


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