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Norway: Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights off Norway coast towards Tromso on board the Hurtigruten

Destination Revisited

The hunt for northern lights or aurora borealis paid off.

This ethereal curtain of colored lights shimmered across the night sky off the coast of Norway, above the Arctic circle.

This pattern is typical of most aurora, commonly appearing as curtains of lights, arcs or spirals following lines of force in Earth’s magnetic field. Although majority are green in color, you can see some hint of red and violet colors.

This northern light show continued for nearly 20 minutes while aboard the Hurtigruten Cruise. Next up, Yellow Knife! The chase for northern lights continues into Canada.

All of us live somewhere with interesting sights. We travel to new destinations. Some of us jet set and live in different places around the world. Affluent Society's Destination Revisited Series reminds us that travel is still possible during these COVID-19 times by posting and sharing photos of places and experiences. It gets us dreaming and inspires our travel plans for the foreseeable future. This photo adds to the Destination Revisited Series. Now its time to share yours.


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