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Nigeria: The craze for quick wealth in business

Wealth is a state of the mind that aligns with the successful accomplishment of the basic human need of food, shelter and clothing, and great health.

In business, wealth is defined based on individual desires met which could be measured either by monetary value, market dominance, stock valuation, resourceful and committed staff.

In Nigeria, there has been a shift in paradigm about business success as the young generation has turned out to have a thirst for individual success in the society even in the face of challenges enshrined in conducting business transactions in the business landscape of Nigeria.

There has seemed to be a craze for wealth as young people in Nigeria have developed an incessant urge for instant money due to their no patience to go through the several phases of developing a lasting business over time.

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that it is as a result of activities and attitudes of the older generation unruly grabbing of money meant for a constituency, state, or ministry thereby amassing stolen wealth to the tune of billions of dollars which would outlast their generation to even unborn generations.

Another class of people is of the thought that civilization has evolved in Nigeria so it has affected young people’s attitude to work and business thereby altering their quest for risk making them venture into quick gain outfits with a promise of huge gain with little or no investments.

Would the craze for wealth be a lasting solution to the degradation of values in Nigerian society?


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