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Nigeria: Hospitality Business and the environment

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The hospitality business is a great business in Nigeria that has a great landscape showing God’s finished works and enviable beauty. Nigerians are very hospitable people regardless of what they are experiencing in life.

Nigeria has a diverse array of cultures with a variety of customs and languages to boast about when compared with other countries of the world.

With continuous development in the hospitality sector in Nigeria, there is an opportunity for foreigners interested in the hospitality business to explore the ever rich nature of the Nigerian landscape regardless of their financial position and taste. Beaches, resorts, hotels, man-made rivers, and several landscapes worth beholding to understand the beauty God has bestowed on the Nigerian people.

Though the Coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for people to access such beauties of the Nigerian state as there was a restriction in movements around, the ever welcoming locals with mouthwatering delicacies are still open to the general populace as the economy is gradually reopening for business.

Nigeria has several great herbs for smoothening of the body for relaxation after a long work week for enthusiasts who have an inclination towards natural healing apart in addition to the many great tasting foods.

Nigeria can boast of being a number 1 producer of ‘’Jollof Rice’’ in comparison to other country counterparts as Nigeria is a very hospitable country to any visitor looking to explore the many attractive sites that she has to offer.


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