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Nigeria: Fashion business

Fashion is often defined as a way of life. In Nigeria, there are varieties of fashion styles dependent on the tribe and outlook of the consumer (work, family upbringing, education) and purchasing power of t

he consumer.

Fashion has greatly evolved over the years with trends in the past rising again to blend with the current interests of the consumers.

For purchasing power, there is now an opportunity for people to purchase used wears known as ‘’Akube’’ or ‘’Okirika’’ from sellers at different points in markets as the price of the items is usually affordable for consumers to purchase when compared with the new ones at fashion stores.

Fashion designing in Nigeria has provided people the chance to start fashion businesses depending on the interest of the entrepreneur and skill and funding available.

Social media has paved the way for fashion lovers to make choices from varying stores with different styles and prices. Many fashion stores are beginning to capture their market through social media to get a profit share from the sales of their wares.

There are enough foreign fashion brands trying to capture the Nigerian fashion market based on the premise of quality and class.

Walk-in fashion stores are also innovating by moving with the trend of incorporating social media into their marketing strategy making it possible to compete with global brands. All these were not possible in the past in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Dress sense has also changed in some corporate entities as they are embracing the culture of wearing African wears on an agreed day in a week to encourage the acceptance of Nigerian wears as their brand story.

Your earning potential doesn’t hinder you from making choices from fashion items depending on what you can afford as an individual in Nigeria.

The way you dress is the way you would be addressed in Nigeria.


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