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National lockdown has increased crimes against women in India.

The entire world is fighting with the Corona Virus pandemic. Like many other big nations, India is too under lockdown due to this pandemic. And due to this situation, families are staying indoors for quite a long time now. Due to which crimes against women had just increased. Nothing has changed, womens are still not safe in India, even at their homes.

There has been a significant increase in domestic violence & cybercrime complaints in some of the Indian districts, in this critical time of lockdown, as received by the National Commission for Women (NCW). Researchers reveal that districts with greater proportion of husbands report that beating wives has increases in this lockdown time, leading to domestic violence complaints.

According to statistics made by "The New Indian Express", over 1,500 cases of crimes against women were reported between 24th of March and 30th of May, mainly in the state of Karnataka.

Activists pointed out that women have to face innumerable types of harassment on a daily basis, in this time of lockdown.

It's sad to see womens are not even safe in their own houses in some states of India.

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