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Music for a Monsoon: When It Rains It Pours - Luke Combs

By Beverly Grafton

After the helluva wet weekend we've had, it seemed more than appropriate to make a little list of songs for the season. The monsoon season, that is. So here's video numero uno, Luke Comb's When It Rain It Pours.

Probably the best pick-me-up tune I have ever come across for various reasons. The obvious being the super tongue-in-cheek lyrics, then you got that good ole country twang to add to the mood and when you throw in that ridiculous video intro with a burning sofa, you'll find I am prepared to shamelessly admit I love me some country.

I won't say much more, instead, I'mma let you just have a listen. Just remember, though chicken soup is good for the soul, country music's just good on the whole.


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