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Music for a Monsoon: Singing In The Rain - OST

By Beverly Grafton

Oh...the sound of my sigh as Gene Kelly tells Debbie Reynolds that from where he's standing, the sun is shining all over the place... Sigh... Then he starts Singing In The Rain...

I have had the biggest crush over Gene Kelly from as a young girl to this very day and truth be told, I believe I may just crush on him until they bury me six feet under. Being the daughter of an excellent trained dancer, my young and very impressionable mind was filled with fantasies of dance routine dates with a gorgeous, cultured dancer of a man. Then I grew up and realized that the men who were that gorgeous, cultured and talented in dancing, were also never going to be interested in me. Not because I was incompetent in anyway. I just wasn't the right gender. (hehehe)

Anyways, this has to be my ALL-TIME favorite movie musical, from the casting, to the script, to just about anything and everything in it. Singing In The Rain solidified the kind of romance I still subscribe to. It's not just boring old candlelit dinners or movies and clubbing. It's the real kind of romance that requires imagination, understanding, intent and creativity. Like what, you ask?

Like being walked back to work after a simple lunch at a burger joint, only to have a flash storm appear out of nowhere, drenching you both. Suddenly, he grabs your wrist to stop you right in front of the war monument, pulls you into him and kisses the rest of the world away while giant drops of rain pummel your heads.

Now THAT's romance.


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