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Music for a Monsoon: Caught In The Rain - Revis

By Beverly Grafton

Sometimes, when the storm reaches its zenith, nothing works for me other than Revis' Caught In The Rain. This post-grunge outfit made real magic with this track, hitting the Top 10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart back in 2003 AND was also featured on the Daredevil soundtrack. But that's not why it made it to my list.

From very simple lyrics that say so much, a killer, driven and edgy arrangement to the warm timbre of lead singer Justin Holman's vocals, I happily blast this on whatever audio equipment I have handy at the moment and get lost singing along at the top of my voice to the song.

You know, given the crazy day I've had running errands to recording a new dance track with DJ Chris Columbus, I'm very much entitled to blasting it right now as I rush to finish this post.

I wonder if my Thursday will be calmer... Guess we'll find out tomorrow!


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