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Mr Patterson's Passion for Christmas

I love Christmas to bits since I was small. I guess this is the first meaningful festival I celebrate after few days I was born!

I moved to Melbourne in January, and got so excited about Christmas here, thus my partner brought me to everywhere with Christmas decorations, literally everywhere ! (Thank you!)

However, the first house I went for Christmas decoration left me the best impression. It was on the 3rd of December, at 9 Warwick Road, Wantirna, Melbourne.

When I was halfway recording my video of the fairy tale like Christmas decoration, the owner, Mr Patterson came out and we had a sweet chat. I was told he had just retired when COVID-19 hits, he has been relaxing throughout the lockdown thinking it might be a good time for him to rest after working his whole life.

Despite a big change in his career life, his love for Christmas never die. He started to decorate his house for his children when they were small and this tradition has been continued from the last 25 years until now, it is for his grandchildren.

I guess the lockdown has given Mr. Patterson a lot of ideas on the Christmas decoration mock up this year. It took him 2 weeks to set up the full decoration (as shown in the photo). He has been adding more decorations every year. It is very interesting to visit his house with all the Christmas decoration with the Christmas music on. It is totally where the Christmas starts !

Give some love to Mr Patterson on his retirement, do visit his decoration, you will see love and effort in his work ! We are looking forward to see what's more surprises he will give us.


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