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Mental health matters. Never let anyone tell you, it's unimportant or lame.

Mental health is the most important thing the world should be talking about, but in reality they don't. People claim to be understanding your problems, but in reality they just get a perfect chance to make fun of you, judge you & disgrace you in public.

Depression is serious. Anyone who claims to be depressed about something, isn't just fooling around. Even if you don't understand its deepness, you shouldn't be just making fun of it. People fight battles you know nothing about, so commenting about someone's life without even knowing an inch of it is like doing injustice to people's feelings.

People often tend to make fun of depressed people, call them attention seekers, mark their reason as lame & judge them for the things that hurt them the most. And that's the worse thing one can ever do to someone. Never let anyone tell you that your reason is unimportant or lame. Every reason is important. The thing that's casual for you, maybe of great importance to others and vice versa. So never let the world treat your depression as unimportant. Your mental peace is far more important that what the world things about you. Anyone can suffer from depression, and its never an illness or something to be ashamed of. Your feelings are valid and its absolutely okay to not be okay all the time.

No matter how many times you fail. If you're trying hard, you're already a warrior.

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