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Love Story: Shalini Kumar, Melton, Victoria, Australia

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

City of Melton: Melton has everything I need to raise my family. It is characterised by a thriving culture, sustainability, economic growth, family core value, community inclusiveness, education development, transport accessibility and local business prosperity. What I particularly love about my city are the wonderful schools and childcare facilities, family-friendly activities, affordable housing and great community spirit. We celebrate Diwali Festival, Fiji Day and Macedonian families together with AIFAV and FCAV in support of our community's cultural diversity. It offers me the best of suburban life and country living. I dare say Melton is Melbourne's best kept secret.

Shalini Kumar: As a mother of a child who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, an entrepreneur in a disability sector, an instigator of a NFP Aged Care and disability Association and a professional in the disability sector, I understand the day-to-day frustration and struggles of families and individuals with disability. I have been hosting mental health webinars, physical therapy sessions, recognising special needs students, distributing essentials to the vulnerable, supporting local businesses, providing caregiving and entertainment to the aged, and financial support to international students. I want more community services for our youths and to give people with additional needs in Melton opportunities like events and shows where they can be appreciated, recognised for their potential and showcase their talent. I'm running for council elections for Cambridge Ward to advocate these issues and better serve my community. Please support my work on and, and vote for me.

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