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India's critical scenario admists the Covid-19 pandemic

The Corona Virus has adversely effected the entire world and brought everything at a pause. It has not just confined people at homes, but has made people desperate for a living. On one hand, people have lost their jobs and on the other hand it has put a pause to education, employment, and what not. And the entire world is fighting with this pandemic. And among all the countries, India is just above all the list.

India is like fighting with life and death & the condition is absolutely critical. The condition of daily wage workers, casual labourers and own account workers is just unimaginable. Lack of food and shelter has already brought a millions of migrants on road and they're finding ways to make it to their hometowns. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, and a thousand more are not even receiving their salary.

[ The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) informs that the unemployment rate in India might have just shot up to 23.4 percent for the week ended 5 April 2020 - Collected. ]

The cycle of unemployment has grown from bad to worse due to the national lockdown the country us experiencing from the past 6 months.

Stats reveal that the condition may get even worser further and the entire nation's future is in a stake. All these problems have also given rise to the prices of every products, even for the most essential elements, which has made living harder than ever.

Unemployment rates for the period April 2019 to February 2020 in India :

We just hope that India finds a solution to deal with all of this, before another pandemic of poverty rises in India. For after all of this ends, India has a million things to restore.

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