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Human Stories Australia : Aleesha Naxakis, Sydney

Aleesha Naxakis is a media officer for the world’s largest animal rights organization, People for

the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) based in Sydney. She looks after PETA’s media

campaigns in Australia and New Zealand, she plans and coordinates demonstrations, and work

with some amazing celebrities and influencers who are sympathetic to animal rights issues.

This is Aleesha’s story as shared with Affluent Society:

At this moment, I think the world is at a unique place, with everything going on, and we are at a

crossroads. Those who recognize the error of our ways (including and especially the way in

which we treat animals) and make changes in their life to bring them closer to who we all really

are - loving, non-violent people, will come out stronger. Of course, I am always fearful that not

enough people will make this connection in time.

I always work with footage of cruelty to animals - because of my job and my activism on the

side- and it never gets easier. Animals in today’s meat, egg, and dairy industries, in today’s wool,

leather and fur industries, in today’s labs, circuses and zoos suffer in an almost unimaginable

way. Some of the most innocent, pure and gentle creatures on this Earth are treated as if they are

evil and my heart can never get used to it.

Knowing that I work for a company that is dedicated to making a change for the betterment, it

takes “job satisfaction” to a whole new level. To continue the legacy puts a smile on my face

when I think about all the amazing wins for animals that PETA has accomplished and will be


Like most other people (and all animals), all I want is to live a simple, happy life. Happiness is a

choice and I believe that the choices I make every day when it comes to the food I eat, the

clothes I wear and the products I use helps me keep a clear conscience. My actions are aligned

with my morals and I am not the reason an animal is deprived of just that: a simple, happy life

free of harm and danger.

Lastly, I urge people to make use of PETA website and do more research on all the ways that

animals are exploited in these days and age. It is so easy to not contribute to this. Take PETA 30

days vegan pledge and see the benefits- physically, mentally, and spiritually- for yourself.


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