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Property is Australia’s biggest industry it is 13% of Australian GDP which equates to $ 202.9 billion.

Everyday we hand over keys to 630 new homes.

The property industry is Australia’s biggest employer – 1.4 million jobs, more than mining and manufacturing combined.

Property touches the lives of all Australians – More than 1 in 4 people derive their wage from the property industry directly or indirectly.


14.8 million Australians have a financial stake in Property through their Super Fund.( Property Council of Australia – data, Property Council website ,2022)

So, as we can see property is a very large player in our economy, our lives, our security, our shelter and our environment. ZERO Living have a very strong focus on demonstrating to home owners, investors, the general community, Super Funds and the banks, that to develop property we no longer need to make a negative impact on the environment in order to make a profit.

For there to be a change we need to begin with behavioural change, we all need to begin to question how we live and the types homes we live in and ask for? Each and every one of us, can create an effect, even learning more about ZERO Living at workshops, learning more about how our homes work and what we can do in smaller ways that change our environmental and climate change outcomes are things we should do, as custodians of the land and this planet.

One of the biggest ways to effect change is to build and invest in zero impact sustainable quality housing that in turn provides more than just economic returns, but builds strong and prosperous communities and protects our environment.

ZERO Living have developed and researched with their collaborators Swinburne University, a completely revolutionary housing system. Creating all electric homes, they are fully monitored to further study the usage of electricity, they produce no electricity bills and with an esky type principal that is implemented in the build, the home have a constant moderate temperature, that is immediately comfortable and healthy. Creating ZERO Carbon emissions, zero black-outs, zero electricity accounts, zero noise, zero worries a ZERO home encompasses, comfort, luxury, beautiful workmanship and quality in a smaller footprint that has ZERO compromise.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. Socrates

We welcome all to experience and come to ZERO Living workshops as a step towards change.

Want to learn more about how to create a ZERO Living home, get in touch with Tom and Ingrid at ZERO

We thank Ingrid and Tom Graze for their contribution


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