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Hong Kong Style Wanton Noodles

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!   Material 【1】       150g lean pork ground meat, 【2】       350g fresh shrimp meat, 【3】       50 wonton skins, 【4】       400ml chicken broth, 【5】       appropriate amount of leeks or diced green onions   Pork marinade: 【1】       1 teaspoon light soy sauce, 【2】       1/2 teaspoon sugar, 【3】       1 teaspoon Shao wine, 【4】       1 teaspoon starch, 【5】       1/2 teaspoon pepper   Shrimp Marinade 【1】   1.5 teaspoons salt, 【2】   1 teaspoon pepper, 【3】   1/2 teaspoon sesame oil, 【4】   2/3 eggs, 【5】   1 teaspoon ground fish meal, 【6】   240g alkaline water surface   Methods: 【1】       Shell the shrimp and remove the gut, wash it with kitchen paper to absorb the water, pat 1/2 of the shrimp into puree with a knife, cut each of the remaining shrimp into 3 sections, mix well with the marinade, and put in the refrigerator refrigeration; 【2】       Set aside the remaining 1/3 of the marinated prawns with plastic wrap, and wait for the wonton. 【3】       Add the marinade to the pork and marinate for 20 minutes 【4】       Mix the pork and shrimp, and beat in one direction until it is sticky. 【5】       Put the filling in the center of the wonton wrapper, spread some egg liquid around the filling, use a tiger's mouth to gather the wonton wrapper and pinch it tightly, and twist it slightly to keep the filling from slipping out. 【6】       Boil the chicken broth in a small pot, season with salt, sesame oil, and fish powder. Set aside. If you use leeks, download here. 【7】       Boil a large pot of water, the water rolls down the wonton, and the wonton floats to the surface of the water and it is cooked. Pick up the wonton and put it in a bowl, top with boiled chicken broth and diced green onions, and serve as a net wonton. 【8】       If adding noodles: boil a large pot of water, boil under the water, and cook for 5-10 seconds before taking out, over frozen water; boil a large pot of water again, boil the noodles and remove them immediately. Just add the net wonton.   The above food formula, especially the seasoning formula, is for your reference only. I suggest you make adjustments to different degrees according to the actual situation of different raw materials in your country. Because the above recipe is only my recipe and making method in Hong Kong.


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