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Happiness is a choice.

For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness. Reflection of this thought makes it more meaningful.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the state of being happy.

Can it be found outside of yourself or can it be found inside of yourself? Can it be made a permanent state in one own self? Benefits and ways to make happiness our own state of mind.

Conscious habit shifts to make happiness our own state of mind.

1- Introspection

2- Self awareness

3- Acceptance of self and others as we all are.

4- constructive habits to be adapted.

5- Habits of staying happy to practice until it becomes a part of our self.

6-Habits formed inside will slowly radiate outside.

7- Acceptance of others as they are

8- Acceptance + suggestions will make life better for any one.

Take baby steps to be happy. Self-talk about the level of satisfaction you achieve when you practice the positive habits on yourself. You can see that each and every day of practice will make your life a happy and blessed life.

I am practicing the habit of staying calm in spite of the situations getting out of control. I agree this is a difficult step, however I remind myself to stay calm every single day as a ritual.

Once our battery is full of happiness, we shall start radiating happiness to others. Once we have achieved the state of happiness in our self, we must practice accepting others as they are without expecting anything in return. This way we will see a greater change in others as they will feel more strengthened, support of their loved ones and they will eventually change.

Do you want your children to be only successful? Do you want your children to be Happy and less successful? Do you experience happiness in listening to your children?

It’s a great moment, when my child comes near me. I do a heart to heart listening of all the things she has to say. This way I spend the quality time with her. I love to hear her laugh and she plays around me. Earlier I used to lose my temper, but now I have realized that happiness is found in the simple things around us. I would not mind my daughter being less successful however I would definitely want her to be happy. I have practiced this on my daughter and I am able to see a greater change in our relationships.

Honorable Dalai lama also has started a happiness curriculum in the school of Delhi, for the students to be happier. He says that there are two kinds of emotions that are present.

1- Destructive emotions like anger and jealousy which destroys the peace of mind and damage our health.

2- Constructive emotions like compassion that brings inner strength.

The objective of this program to deal with the stress, critical thinking, enhancing communication skills, encouraging greater empathy with others.

Don’t you think that happiness has become the essential part of us? More than searching it outside, we must search within our self.

Happiness will not be able to purchase material things; however, it will give enormous amount of peace. Happiness has to be earned. So, it's better to do any external work with happiness, so that we are blessed with peace instead of doing the same work with anger and making our life more stressed.

This way our relationship will become more nurturing and will blossom more than before. The home will be more blessed. This feeling of happiness is a deep-rooted pillar of any happy family. Happiness becomes the permanent state of mind.

Everyone wants Happiness in life. If we can give a heart to heart listening to people, wonder what would be the outcome? The outcome will be abundance of happiness and in return abundance of peace.


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