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Free: The Frick Travels with a Curator to Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

You will be transported to Rome in this episode of "Travels with a Curator" by The Frick. Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator introduces us to Castel Sant'Angelo, an important historic site that is often overlooked by tourists.

Thanks to Ian Wardropper, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director and his team for creating a variety of new content that allows us to share the works of art we love so much at The Frick during this COVID-19 period.

Located in the Henry Clay Frick House on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, the Frick Collection is a premier museum and research center best known for its distinguished Old Master paintings and outstanding examples of European sculpture and decorative arts.


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1 comentário

Christiana Hadjiavraam
Christiana Hadjiavraam
30 de jul. de 2020

One of the most beautiful European Cities I have ever visited. I love it.

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