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Entrepreneurship amid Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Startups and business survival in Nigeria are looking bleak as the new normal of social distancing, nose masks, lock-downs as Covid-19 has drastically evaded entrepreneurs and business owners especially nonessential servicing organizations from making great profit margins resulting in a spike in layoffs of workers to survive.

The new normal of remote working is a trend that seems to have come to stay even post Covid-19 and so, there is a choice of reviewing business operations to ensure organizations stay afloat.

Nigeria is diverse and rich in talents for the growth of its economy but Covid-19 has made it question its giant strides as its currency has been devalued on a skyrocketed level.

A new breed of entrepreneurs with resilience are been borne to ensure Nigeria survives the challenges that the Corona-virus pandemic has posed on the Nigerian economy.


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